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Top Five Crops per Country in West Africa

How does agricultural production compare within as well as between countries?  This data vis ranks the top five crops within each country in West Africa by harvested area.

Within the total harvested area of those top five crops, what share of area is allocated to each crop?  In other words, of each crop’s importance, how important is it in relation to the other important crops?  See each square’s color to indicate rank and its size to indicate share of harvested area in relation to the other four.

A couple that stand out to me personally — Cashew nuts in Guinea-Bissau, and cocoa beans in Ivory Coast as number one, and by a lot! How does this look to you MapSpam readers? Please comment.  – Susana

Data Source: FAOSTAT (Averaged 2004 – 2008, retrieved May 9, 2011)

DataVis: HarvestChoice

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