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SPAM gets its own server: Meet Kanga

In an effort to consolidate and streamline data collection and management of SPAM data, we have purchased space on a dedicated server to stand up an MS SQL, ArcGIS, ArcServer, ArcSDE platform which will help support SPAM’s anticipated increase in appetite for data.

The server’s name is…… Kanga! Following our tradition of naming our servers after animated characters, Kanga promises to be a robust “jumping off point” to launch complex workflows.

“Kanga” is also Kiswahili for the ubiquitous colorful shawls women wear in East Africa which typically express one-line seeds of wisdom such as:

I’m settled because to plan is to make choices

Habit is a skin

The child of a snake is a snake.

Slow, slow is the way to go (and it’s sister saying) Hurry, hurry, has no blessings

And for a proper closing, here is the last one, Kanga nenda na umoja udumishe amani” which means “kanga, go with unity and establish a lasting peace.”


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