SPAM 2000 v3.0.7

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SPAM 2000 is the precursor of SPAM 2005, and is based on the same methodology.

The underlying data centers, where applicable, on the year 2000. And of course the national and sub-national statistics are scaled to FAO’s average(1999-2001)

SPAM 2000 handles 20 crops: (wheat, rice, maize, barley, millet, sorghum, potato, sweet potato & yam, cassava, banana & plantain, soybean, beans, other pulses, sugar cane, sugar beet, coffee, cotton, other fibre crops, groundnut, other oilcrops) for four production systems (irrigated, rainfed-high inputs, rainfed-low inputs, and rainfed-subsistence).

The 4 variables resulting from SPAM2000 are the same as for SPAM2005, except that the abbreviations are not exactly the same in all cases:
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VariableSPAM 2000SPAM 2005Unit
physical areaPAhectare (ha)
harvested areaHHhectare (ha)
productionRPmetric ton (mt)
yieldYYkilogram/hectare (kg/ha)


The latest version v3.0.7 of the SPAM 2000 data can be downloaded in dbf and csv formats from:

For metadata and field description please see the Metadata file.

If you would like to work with this data in a table and aggregate to countries, refer to the lookup table where ALLOC_KEY = alloc_key, and ISO3 provides the code for each country, and Name provides the GADM v1.0 name.

We are happy to receive any Feedback on SPAM 2000!